"Making a Splash": Tim Murphy Fearlessly Delivers as the Founder/Owner of Arizona's Largest Pool Builder

Michelle Micalizzi Neal recently featured Tim Murphy, founder and owner of Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio, on the Fearlessly Delivers website, providing a detailed and personal look into our fearless leader.

Here are a few of the highlights: 

On his passion for Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio

This man is truly on fire for his business. He has the envious combination of humility and confidence that I see in many self-starters.

... He truly feels passionate about building pools. He sees a need in the industry for an innovative quality pool builder and he jumps on that need with everything he has.

On how he started the company

When Tim was a kid, his Dad who was a successful insurance man, told him that he would not be paying for college and that if he wanted to make it in this life he would have to figure that out how to pay for it on his own. Tim did not wait until his senior year to investigate what his options were. He took the initiative and started where he was by handing out flyers for a pool company. He then began cleaning pools himself. From there he built routes of 40-50 pools that he then sold to senior citizens, all while he was still in high school. Tim did not use youth as an excuse to not be ready to excel. He took advantage of this time in his life where he had limited responsibilities and used his youth to his advantage! By the time he graduated high school, college no longer factored into his next steps – he was ready to launch his pool building empire.

On the Presidential Family

During the corporate tour, I met many of Tim’s employees and one of his long-term vendors. Universally, they love Tim. It is clear that he appreciates them and that he recognizes them not only with great compensation and benefits but with a sense of adventure and fun as well. Many of his employees and the vendors he works with have been with him since the beginning. His staff love what they do and stand behind both Tim and the company. They were all engaged in what they were doing and were equally generous with their time when they met me.

The interview was accompanied by a beautiful artwork, inspired by Tim himself. 


The artist said, "In Tim’s interview he states that in order to be fearless you have to just go after it. You cannot back peddle. You just have to go for it. The cannonball symbolizes that concept. You have to be fully committed to a cannonball. It cannot be done half way. In this scene, the character is cannon balling into a pool built by Presidential Pools & Spas.

"Tim has had many opportunities to turn a seemingly challenging situation into a big win. The arrows symbolize that sometimes one has to go down to come back up.

"The four cacti symbolize his four offices, which are also noted in the pool water: Gilbert, Tucson/Marana, Scottsdale and Surprise. The foundations under each office/cacti are raving fan testimonials. In the water you will also find fortune cookies symbolizing good luck and inspiration that are relevant to Tim’s interview."

To read the entire article, visit Michelle's website: Fearlessly Deliver