Arizona’s Best Pool Builder

You deserve a pool builder who cares as much about your backyard as you do.

Our founder, Tim Murphy, started a pool cleaning business as a teenager. Within a couple of years his passion drove him to start building them, too.

Over 27 years and more than 27,000 swimming pools, Tim has recruited a team of over 100 people that share a passion for pools. Together, our love for transforming the backyards of Arizona families has enabled Presidential Pools & Spas to be the most customer-centric pool builder in the Phoenix Valley and Tucson metro area.

We offer you resources, services, and promises that no other Arizona pool builder can come close to touching. We’re here to make your dream backyard a reality, whatever that means for your family.

How are we specifically set apart from the competition? Below you’ll find just some of the reasons you should contact us when considering building a pool in your backyard.

1. The Best Pool Park

Our 18,297 sq. ft. pool park in Gilbert, AZ is full of thousands of ideas for your backyard. With 6 fully functional pools and more than a dozen water features, you can’t help but get inspired to create your own backyard oasis.

There are rock walls, rock speakers, caves, slides, fireplaces and fire pits. You can walk on every type of decking imaginable, including: Marbella stone, pavers, sealed sand, multiple types of flagstone and travertine.

We’re the only pool builder to invest so heavily in creating such a powerful tool for you in thinking about the backyard you’d like to have, so we’d love you to use it! Come on by and we’d love to Gilbert Swimming Pool Builder.

2. Three Incredible Swimming Pool Showrooms in Arizona

We have three showroom locations: Gilbert (next to the pool park), Surprise, and Tucson. Every one of them has had major renovations in the last year.

We invite you to come in and experience our state of the art pool design technology.

3. Award-Winning Designers & Design Processes

We’re able to attract the absolute best design talent for a lot of reasons, the main one being that we attract the best customers! Our designers have won a ton of awards for the pools they’ve designed for our customers.

Our design process is as custom as our pools. If you’re short on time, you can describe your dream backyard to a designer over the phone, then come into a showroom and experience with our cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

If you’re more hands-on, you can come into a showroom, grab a beer, and work with your designer from start ’till finish.

Some customers come in for one three-hour visit and leave with a signed contract. Others prefer to take their time, having the designer visit their homes, then going throw many revisions of designs. The process is completely custom to you and what you want.


4. Affordable Swimming Pool Financing Options

We’re the only pool builder in Arizona to work with multiple financial institutions in order to get you the most financing options possible.

Natalie Doyle, our dedicated financing manager, will find the absolute best financing option available for your family. People who talk to Natalie are amazed at how affordable their dream backyard actually is.

You can schedule a free financing consultation with Natalie by calling 480.222.6117 or Financing.

5. Dedicated Project Managers

This person will organize crews, regularly check in on the quality of work, and communicate frequently with you on the progress of your project.

6. Dedicated Service Department

Presidential Pools are built to last as we take pride in not cutting the corners that many other pool builders do. Still, pools require maintenance and, every once in awhile, you may need service support.

Our Presidential Service Department only works on pools constructed by the company, so they already know your pool inside and out. This is important because many of our competitors and independent pool service companies have long wait times due to offering everything from routine weekly pool cleaning to major service needs for any pool. Because we focus only on Presidential Pools and true “service needs” (we do not offer pool cleaning), our schedule is much more accommodating. Plus, we already know everything about your pool.

7. Generous Warranties

We’ve got warranties for every aspect of your pool: the structure of the pool, the decking, the pool finish material, the masonry, the in-floor cleaning system, the other pool equipment, the plumbing, gas, and electrical.

We’ve got you covered.

8. World-Class Craftsmanship

Our history, loyalty, and passion for pools has helped us to recruit the best swimming pool talent and craftsmen in Arizona.

This means your pool will be among the best-built in the world. Many of our customers are still enjoying their pools after more than two decades!

9. Best-In-Class Pool Hardware


Because we’re dedicated to building you a pool that lasts, we will only use the highest-quality pool hardware. Our construction team has tested every available product and hardware piece and has hand-selected the product portfolio we offer today. Below are examples of some of the award-winning products and hardware in our selection:

  • Pentair’s ScreenLogic allows you to control your pool’s temperature, jets, lights, water features, and more right from your phone or computer.
  • Spectrum 360 lights are revolutionizing pool lighting.
  • Eclipse drains disappear into the bottom of your pool, sparing you the ugly white circle or rectangle that most drains leave you with.
  • The Q360 in-floor cleaning system we use was designed by aeronautical engineers.

10. Independently Ranked the #1 Pool Builder in Arizona

We’re ranked as the #1 pool builder in Arizona by Pool & Spa News, the pool industry’s premier trade publication. A lot of builders will claim to be #1, but we’re the only ones independently ranked and verified.

11. Our Passion For Your Backyard

Starting as a teenager, our founder, Tim Murphy, dedicated his life to transforming Arizonians’ backyards. Today, there’s a whole team of us in Phoenix and Tucson passionate about helping families like yours transform their backyards.

We have decades of experience and are dedicated to being here for your family and your pool for decades to come. Nobody cares about your backyard as much as we do. Except, of course, you.


If you’d like to visit our pool park, get going with your pool design, discuss your financing options, or just want to call and explore the possibilities for your backyard, schedule free consultation or give us a call!

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