Pool School is Really Cool.

Take our Free Class on Critical Pool Ownership Knowledge

Make sure you feel confident as a swimming pool owner.

It may sound a bit silly, but our clients rave about our Pool School. It is our free class to make sure you feel confident as a swimming pool owner.

Learn About Pool Ownership

In Virtual Pool School, you will learn critical pool ownership knowledge, such as:

  • Proper maintenance strategies
  • Pool chemical basics
  • Filter cartridge cleaning

Pool School Availability

Pool School is only available to clients of Presidential Pools & Spas, and it meets on the last Saturday of each month, March through September.

Clients are notified of upcoming class topics via email. Classes fill up quickly, so make sure to sign up early.

Past Pool School Lessons

How to Clean Your Pool Cartridge Filter

Presidential Pools works with the top companies in the area to bring your pool the best products. One of those products, the pool cartridge filter, needs to be frequently maintained. Use the below video as a step-by-step guide to cleaning your pool cartridge filter.


Still have questions?

A custom pool design consultant will be happy to go over each step with you. All you have to do is contact us to set up a phone call or time to meet.