How to maintain your pool during monsoon season in Arizona

Arizona monsoon season brings high winds and heavy rain during the summer months and with each of these storms comes debris, dirt, and potential pool overflow. We sat down with Presidential Pools COO, Mike Duffy, as he shared his top tips for maintaining and cleaning your pool during monsoon season.

Maintain your pool’s water chemistry

Maintaining the chemicals in your pool is important year-round, but during the hotter months, it’s even more critical. High temps can increase the chance for bacteria to grow in your pool. Duffy suggests checking your pool’s chemicals 2-3 times per week from May through September including free chlorine, ph, and total alkalinity. After each storm, prepare to super chlorinate or “shock” your pool as part of your clean-up. This helps eliminate bacteria from rainwater, debris, and dirt.

Maintain your filtration system

Checking your cartridges often is important but necessary after a monsoon. A lot can build up and a dirty filter does not run as efficiently as a clean one.

Drain water from your pool during or after a storm, but not before

Do not try to estimate how much water will fall before a storm and drain your pool. If water fills up to or above the top of your waterline tile, you will have to drain. If you allow water to reach or pass this area, it could damage your decking.

Check your equipment after each storm

Check your skimmer basket, filters and clean and brush your pool as needed. Our Q360+ in-floor cleaning systemswill help with the smaller debris and dirt at the bottom of your pool.

Contact our service department if you notice damage to your pool equipment.