Pool Design Spotlight: Scottsdale Modern Backyard

We discussed one of our recent projects with Pool Designer, Colton Frabasilio, as he walked us through the design of this Scottsdale luxury backyard.

What was it about this project that required an unusual level of quality workmanship?

The hardscape was something that really stands out about the workmanship on this project. From the large step pads in the turf in front of the patio to the tiered jump/water feature. There are a lot of straight lines which go perfectly with the style of house. Making sure we kept that theme and executing it in the field is really why the project came out so great.

Geometric Pool

Describe the design of this project and why you chose the design that you did.

The owner and I sat for a few hours and worked through a few different looks at the layout of the backyard on Pool Studio. It was important to her that the layout allowed for more than just the pool. She wanted to make sure to be able to fit a fire pit, BBQ, sport court, A LOT of turf, and a putting green! With that much going on it can be hard to make it all flow, but once again the layout of this yard came out fantastic.

modern luxury pool in scottsdale

Describe how this pool design integrates effectively with the home, landscape, and backyard.

This pool design is pretty simple but made sure to include customer feedback with the water feature and flush spa. The clean lines help us maximize the size and use of the yard. The pool is the centerpiece of the yard which draws the most attention. Sometimes the most simplified pool designs come out the best!


Project Details:

Interior Finish: Paradise Blue

Decking: Champagne Travertine

Waterline Tile: GMS SILVER