The Classic Swimming Pool Package
from Presidential Pools

OUr classic pool

Every pool is custom and prices will depend on the variables above. Below is a list of all the features that come in our Classic Pool Package. Prices change regularly based on a variety of factors, so we don’t post prices publicly. If you'd like to get a current quote, please fill out the form on this page below or call 480-967-9467.

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  • Sport or Play Pool up to 5 ft. in Depth

  • 75 ft. Perimeter and 350 sq. ft. Surface Area

  • Intermatic Time Clock with Subpanel

  • Pentair Variable Speed, High Performance Pump

  • Pentair Energy Efficient Cartridge Filter

  • Rebel Suction Cleaner

  • Automatic Water Leveler

  • Spectrum 360 White LED Pool Light

  • 300 sq. ft. of Acrylic Lace Decking

  • Full Circle Vanishing Drain

  • White Marble Plaster

  • Shotcrete Structure

  • 6" Ceramic Waterline Tile (Standard Selection)

  • Orientation of All Pool Operations and Procedures

  • Brush, 16 ft. Pole, Net, Test Kit, Thermometer, and All Start-Up Chemicals

To help you visualize what these might look like, we've put together a gallery of "Simple Backyard Designs" below. Most of the pools here have extra features that add to the cost of the pools, but they should give you an idea of what budget-conscious pools can look like. You'll notice landscaping, patios, water features, and other elements that aren't included in the base pool package, these can be added to customize your pool and backyard. 

examples of Simple Backyard Designs:

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