Whether your preference is yoga, moving mediation, or aerobics, there are plenty of ways to get fit in the pool! It can be as simple as using an aqua noodle to benefit your body in the water. We put together six noodle exercises to maintain your health.  


Stand with your feet a little past shoulder width apart. Extend you arms straightforward and hold the noodle with your hands spread apart. Squat down like you normally would, continuing to keep your arms straight with the noodle in front of you. The noodle and water will add resistance. Make sure to keep your back straight throughout the exercise!


For this exercise you need to be in water where your feet cannot touch the ground. Hold the noodle around your back so it is resting under your arms and you are floating at the water level’s surface. Put your feet together and slowly push them toward the bottom of the pool until they are extended straight down. Hold there for a moment. Pull your legs back up until they are bent at your chest.


Stand holding the noodle out in front of you, just under the water, so that it makes a U. As you put you leg forward to lunge, push the noodle toward the bottom of the pool. When you lunge, step your leg over the noodle. Bring the leg back and repeat the process, switching legs after 15 reps. Try to get your knee as close as possible to the ground without touching it for an added challenge!


Hold the noodle directly in front of you and stand with your feet slightly separated. As you raise one leg behind you, press your arms down toward the bottom of the pool. Do this action until your upper body is even with your back leg and parallel to the bottom of the pool. You should be entirely under water at this point. Hold in the pose for the second and repeat the action.


Have the noodle in a U shape around your back like in the cannonball. Attempt to run across your pool in this position. The water and noodle will create added resistance against your body. Try to build up your endurance the more you do this exercise!


Find an area of your pool where you can hold the noodle comfortably in front of you so it is just below the surface of the water. From there, move as if you were doing a pushup. Attempt to push the noodle away from you and pull back. If you want to try to do the exercise quickly, you can create a cardio workout in addition to a muscular one! 

Start your new pool project with a Pool Park Tour & BBQ

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Start your new pool project with a Pool Park Tour & BBQ

This Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm

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