Pool Build Highlight: The Mackinder Family of Maricopa, Arizona

The mackinder family of maricopa, arizona shares there experience working with Presidential Pools & Spas

kidney bean freeform pool

Why is having a pool important to you and your family?

It’s always been a dream to own a pool. After we moved from Michigan to Arizona, it became even more of a dream! It’s fun for the whole family. An activity for all ages that is met with excitement rather than toddler whining and teenage eye rolls! And really, living in Arizona, a pool seems more of a necessity than a want!

Freeform Swimming Pool Mackinder Family

Did you use another design for inspiration? How did you use it to make decisions for your own design?

Our base design was actually based off a family member’s pool. We also browsed through the Presidential gallery for further ideas. The galleries definitely helped with picking our likes and dislikes.

Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

Former Arizona Cardinals Player and Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Host

ron wolfley endorsement for Presidential Pools

Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

Former Arizona Cardinals Player and Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Host

Which features were most important to you in designing your pool?

The in-pool table was an absolute must! A place for the parents to relax while the kids splash and play. We also wanted it to be big enough to actually be able to swim and also wide enough to comfortably fit a family volleyball game. The grotto with waterfall and slide was not originally in our want list, but somehow it snuck in there and then we weren’t letting it go! The oversized Baja shelf was also something we definitely knew we wanted, specifically for the little ones to be able to splash about. (With floaties on, of course!)

in-pool table, baja step, freeform pool design

What advice would you offer to those just starting the pool building process?

Don’t settle on a design you aren’t completely in love with. If you know there are features you want or don’t want, make your voice heard! The design experts are great at their job, but ultimately, everything is by your choice and decision. Besides, it’s going in your backyard, not theirs!

Why did you choose Presidential Pools & Spas as your pool builder?

We actually got quotes and designs from six different companies a year prior to building just to get a rough idea of how much a pool would cost. There were two companies that were our forerunners, but Presidential was always at the top of our list. Reputation, quality, friendliness, and professionalism were what ultimately had us choose Presidential. Everyone we’ve talked to absolutely love their Presidential pools! And the pool park in Gilbert is a great selling point for showing real life examples of what Presidential can offer!

freeform swimming pool Mackinder Family

Tell us about what it was like to work with your designer?

We actually had three designs through Presidential prior to selecting one. The first design was just for informational purposes. Our design expert was incredibly understanding that we were not moving forward at that time and was not pushy at all. Our second design, there was an unforeseen circumstance that prevented us from moving forward. Again, our same designer was very understanding. We requested another designer for the third design. The first one was great, but we were looking for a little fresh perspective. It was quite the process! He was very patient with our (my) constant design tweaks, clarifications, and concerns. He made himself extremely accessible through several different forms of communication and always responded back quickly.

What do you like most about your pool now?

What’s not to like?!? It’s going to be such a great summer!


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