Dream to Reality: The Shattles Family of Phoenix, AZ

It’s an incredible experience seeing a 3D model of your backyard on a computer screen or in virtual reality. It’s even more amazing to see that 3D design take physical form in your backyard. The best pool builders will help you thoroughly visualize your dream backyard before you ever sign a contract.

When designing your swimming pool, it’s helpful to see how your design will translate once it’s physically in your backyard. Here we’ll look at a swimming pool and backyard environment design that Linnzy Foster did for the Shattles family of Phoenix, AZ.

The Shattles were also nice enough to do a short interview with us! So you’ll find a ton of insights and opinions from them below. 


Why is having a pool important to you and your family?

Having a pool is important to us for many reasons. We wanted to enhance our backyard and increase the value of our home, while also giving us something we can enjoy for years to come.

We used to frequent public pools or go swim at friends houses in order to enjoy some pool time but we wanted something that we could call our own. We wanted something we could enjoy for ourselves, and a way to cool off and stay active in the hot summer months.

Brandon & Jenn Shattles-2_004


Which features were most important to you in designing your pool?

We wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and fit our backyard well. We wanted to make the pool unique but also give it characteristics that would be appealing to the general public, should we ever decide to sell this home.

We wanted the pool to be easily maintained, which is why we selected many of the features such as the UV filters and salt cell chlorination system. We also wanted some form of waterfall or water feature and specialty lighting so that we could enjoy a more tropical style backyard.



What advice would you offer to those just starting the pool building process?

Get as much information as you can and find someone who will work with you on what you want. Visit different pool companies and take into deep consideration how they treat you as a customer.

If you get multiple quotes, compare them equally. Some quotes can be misleading, so it is best to strip them down and compare them equally.

One of the factors we enjoyed about Presidential Pools was our ability to tour their pool park, this was extremely helpful in visualizing the various different options available. This was the only pool builder we found that did this, and it was a big help to have that visual aid when determining what was important to us.

Why did you choose Presidential Pools & Spas as your pool builder?

We chose Presidential (twice!) for several reasons. When we built our first pool in 2014 in our first home, we chose them because we felt a real connection with our pool designer, we had received glowing recommendations from multiple friends and we really enjoyed being able to visualize the many options we had.

We had received a quote from Presidential and another pool company and felt that, not only did Presidential provide a better overall value and package, but we were treated a lot better as potential customers. When we moved we knew we wanted to have Presidential design another pool for us. Even though our original designer had moved to corporate sales, he still took time out of his new schedule to work with us and design this pool.


Brandon & Jenn Shattles #2_005

What do you like most about your pool now?

The waterfall feature and grotto is one of our favorite features of this pool. The waterfall is so relaxing to listen to and the grotto provides us with a little bit of shade when we need it. It really makes our backyard feel like a tropical paradise.


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Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

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