Owning a swimming pool is a lot of fun. Learning how to actually swim can only enhance the experience. Far too many Phoenix residents and Americans of all ages haven’t yet conquered the water. Fortunately, expert swimmers are willing to share their secrets. These starting steps are a compilation of what we have found to be most helpful. 


Swimming well means expelling a lot of energy. If you aren’t comfortable yet with being in the water, taking time to remain cool in the pool can have amazing benefits once you begin to freestyle swim.

To practice pool relaxation, start by trying to float above the water for 20 to 30 seconds. You can first hold on to the side of the wall before moving to floating without assistance. When your head does dip below the water, exhale and blow bubbles to improve pool breathing.


Like any athletic endeavor, your swimming will only be effective after you master the fundamentals. Practice the movements with each part of your body before you go into attempting a full-body freestyle swim stroke. Treading water is a great exercise for beginning to learn how to control your breathing while you stay above water. For leg training, simply hold onto the wall while you imitate kicking as if you were swimming. Your beginning arm actions should focus on a consistent shoulder roll.


It will take a ongoing practice for your swimming ability to build up to the level of experienced swimmers. Most swimmers’ early problems revolve around staying fully horizontal in the water. To help improve the process, imagine that you are alternating sides instead of swimming on your stomach.

Another issue with beginner swimmers is running out of your energy reserves. Focus on having longer length of strokes instead of the forcefulness of strokes or stroke rate. The Total Immersion swim program recommends focusing on keeping your lead arm straight until the other arm penetrates the water.


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Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

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