Avoid Pool Builders with These 11+ Traits

The Grotto Pool design by Presidential PoolsMore than once, we’ve had panicked Arizona families call us and tell us they have a giant hole in their backyard and a pool builder that won’t call them back. We always help families in this situation, but it’s still costly: emotionally and financially. Situations like this make it clear just how important picking the right pool builder is.

Building a pool is a huge job and you want to pick the right builder to work with. This post will make sure you’re ready to select the best pool company for you and your family.

Use the list below to spot which pool builders to avoid and save yourself time, money, and your sanity.

Full disclousure: We’re a pool builder, and work every day to be the very best. Whether or not you decide to build with us, we want to make sure you’re armed with the knowledge you need to select the best pool builder out there. Enjoy!

Avoid AZ Pool Builders That Don’t…

1. Contact you shortly after reaching out to them.

You want to work with a pool builder that wants to work with you. If you reach out and they don’t contact you within 24-48 hours, then it’s probably time to move on. It’s important that the pool company you choose has the capacity to give you and your project plenty of attention.

2. Have multiple clean Showrooms.

Presidential Gilbert Office.jpg

Cleanliness demonstrates professionalism, care, and pride in their work. Multiple showrooms demonstrates capacity and infrastructure. You want to work with a builder you know you can count on. 

3. Have dedicated project managers.

You want to make sure that a professional is regularly checking on the quality of the work being done and making sure you’re in the loop throughout the entire pool building process. Building a pool a big project, and it’s important to have someone you trust walking you through each step.

4. Have Happy, Kind, and Professional Employees.

Cool Girl Floats.jpgYou’ll be working with your pool builder for at least a month, usually more, so it’s worth working with people who’ll make your life more pleasant, not less. 

Part of this is communicating with you regularly. Part of this is making sure you feel comfortable with the process. Avoid working with people who push you to include design features you’re uncomfortable with. Avoid working with people who don’t care about you or your project. Avoid working with people who aren’t professional. And certainly avoid anyone who tries to rush you into a huge decision!

5. Have generous warranties.

You want to protect yourself and your family. One way to do this when it comes to your pool is working with a pool builder who offers a generous warranty.

Many builders will use shoddy techniques and hardware and then leave you with just as shoddy of a warranty. We see this all the time and it’s tragic. People who were trying to save money ultimately get stuck paying more for less! Protect yourself and avoid pool builders who don’t offer generous warranties.

6. Offer financing assistance.

Ideally, your pool builder will have a dedicated financing manager and will work with multiple financial institutions to get you the absolute best financing option possible. 

7. Provide the best resources to their designers.

PP#2Yr17-027.jpgPool companies that provide their designers with the best resources attract the best designers. You should expect your designer to create a full digital rendering of your dream backyard. Then, ideally, you should be able to explore it in virtual reality.

Your designers should have access to clean offices, great design books, and cutting-edge technology. 

8. Have a Strong history.

A pool company that’s been building pools for decades is less likely to leave you with a giant dirt hole in your backyard than a company who started building pools this year. Even if they’re not out to scam you, newer builders are just more financially fragile. One bump in the road can put them out of business, leaving them unable to fulfill their contract with you.

You want a company who will get the job done. You also want a pool company who will be around in another twenty years to service your pool.

9. Have a dedicated service team.

PP#2Yr17-043.jpgIf your pool ever needs to be serviced for any reason, you want somebody to be able to come and fix it fast. You also want someone who knows your pool inside and out. This is only possible with a dedicated service team.

Third party service companies can have wait times of weeks during peak season. This is unacceptable when your July 4 pool party is next week! Because dedicated service teams only work on pools built by your pool builder, they have much more accomodating schedule.

Also, these dedicated service teams know your hardware in-depth. They always have the right parts and can troubleshoot issues more quickly than a service team unfamiliar with your pool.

10. offer the safety of size.

We’ve pointed to this before, but it derserves its own point: a larger company means more security, more resources to direct toward your project, more professional processes, and generally an easier, better experience.

Small companies are financially fragile, are less worried about protecting their reputations, and have very limited resources to devote to you and your project.

At the very minimum, be sure to see a copy of their Liability Insurance, Worker’s Comp Insurance, and their state Contractor’s license. Also, make sure they’re certified!

11. Have happy customers.

Does the company have plenty of examples happy customers?

Ask your friends with pools who they worked with, what was the experience like?

Bonus: Avoid Pool Builders that don’t have an awesome demonstrative pool park

DJI_0016-4 (1).jpgWe’re adding this to the list because we easily have the best pool park in Arizona. While not having a great pool park shouldn’t necessarily disqualify a builder, it can be an incredibly fun and useful tool for you while dreaming up your new backyard.

Our pool park 18,297 sq. ft. and has 6 fully-functional pools with a dozen water features. The park has thousands of ideas to inspire your own pool designs.

Walk on every type of decking imagineable while experiencing neverending possibilities for your backyard: water features, design features, pool surfaces, fire pits, kitchen areas, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Feel free to stop by anytime or schedule a tour with a designer.  

Let’s talk!

As you continue your research finding the right pool company, we’d be honored to talk with you and show you the Presidenital Experience.

Schedule a free, no-strings-attached design consultation here, visit any of our three Phoenix Valley and Tucson metro area showrooms, or give us a call at 480.967.9467. We look forward to helping you 

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Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

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Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

Former Arizona Cardinals Player and Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Host