With the hot desert sun beating down on us, you will want to do everything possible to keep your water temperature cool, crisp, and refreshing. There are multiple ways to keep your pool cool (in temperature and social standing). 


Fountains, sprayers, water falls and other water features

Water features are a fantastic way to add beauty to your pool while keeping the water cool. Moving water does not heat up as quickly as stagnant water (because science). Also, by running water features at night, when outside temperatures are cooler, your water temperature can cool down at a faster rate than during the day.



As pool water sits still, it is constantly gathering and holding onto the heat from the sun. If your pool lacks circulation, this effect is only magnified. The pump in a pool will keep the temperature down by at least a few degrees. This primarily works during the evening.

There are some pumps on the market that let you cool and heat the water in your pool. These are known as reverse-cycle pumps. If your pool is less than 6’ deep, some kind of reverse-cycle pump or chiller can keep water temperature at a reasonable level.



Blocking your pool from the sun is one of the most effective courses of action to keep pool water cool, but shade is hard to come by in the Phoenix Valley. You can design your pool to include a large umbrella or canopy. Other architectural solutions include columns and pergolas; they can break up direct sunlight, and also provide a beautiful landscape feature.


Pool Surface

When building your pool, keep temperature in mind when choosing your surface color. Lighter colors tend to keep everything cooler. 

Start your new pool project with a Pool Park Tour & BBQ

This Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm

Presidential Pools has the righ pool for you!

Start your new pool project with a Pool Park Tour & BBQ

This Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm

Ready to start your new pool? Stop by this Saturday for the ultimate inspiration and grab lunch with our partners at US Grass and Greens! ⁠

Our Pool Designers will be available all day to walk you through our 18,000 sq. ft. Pool Park and answer your questions. Whether you’ve already had a Presidential Pool installed or are thinking about starting a new pool design, stop by and meet others in the Presidential Pools family! ⁠