When we say a backyard pool is fun for the whole family, we don’t mean just the humans in the family. Dogs love hanging in around the pool as much as everyone else! We have some pointers to help keep the perfect pool for your pet.

Have a Fence

Most cities require pool fencing for general safety. Since it is usually required to be at least 4 ft. tall, the majority of dogs will not be able to get over it. Just make sure your pet can’t slip through or under it.

Keep an Eye Out

Make sure your dog is never around the pool without some form of supervision. Part of this strategy includes never leaving any dog toys in or around the water.

Rinse After a Swim

The pool chemicals used to maintain healthy water could be unpleasant for a dog if they sit in his or her coat for an extended amount of time. Quickly rinse your dog with a hose after they get out of the water.  

Teach Your Dog to Swim

Not every dog is able to swim well at first, especially puppies. Fortunately, training with an owner can rapidly improve a dog’s swimming ability.

Get a Dog Stairway

A dog stairway will assure you your pup can leave the pool at his or her choosing. Make sure you show the dog it is for him or her when you first get it!

Keep Your Dog Cool

If you think Arizona is hot, imagine how it would be wearing a fur coat! Hot weather can be dangerous for a dog, so make sure there is always access to the pool, indoors, or shade.

Get a Dog Lifejacket

Giving your dog a lifejacket will help keep you at peace of mind whenever he or she is in the water. This guide could be helpful at finding the best lifejacket for your dog.

Teach Pool-Related Commands

You could teach your dog when to be in and out of the water just like any other around-the-house command.

Learn Dog CPR

Learning this skill could be invaluable in an emergency.

Get an Outdoor Dog Fountain

There is a reason pools have mechanisms to keep that water moving all day. The same rationale can be applied to a dog’s drinking water. Ditch the generic metal pan for a fountain that your dog will love.

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Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

Former Arizona Cardinals Player and Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Host

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Endorsed by Ron Wolfley

Former Arizona Cardinals Player and Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Host