The hassles and hurries that dictate your days come and go as they please. But your remedy — your relief — is ready and waiting for you. Slip in. Relax. Recharge. The beauty of owning a Twilight Spa means that you rule the best part of the day.

The exclusive Master BlasterTM Foot Therapy System features up to two Master Blaster clusters of individual nozzles for a total of 28 powerful jets massaging your feet. The Master Blaster’s powerful pump is dedicated to treating your feet to almost 200 gallons per minute of soothing, massaging jet action. Plus, the StressReliefTM Neck and Shoulder Seat features strategically placed jets to provide the ultimate tension relieving massage in an area we need it most. Just know that all of these components work together to give you all the benefits of a full body massage.


Everything about a Twilight Series spa is delightfully stress-free. Controls offer one-touch digital ease and consistency so you can truly relax while your spa does all the work. Therapeutic water jets synchronize with soothing sound and lighting systems. The optional Afterglow Jet Package brings a brilliant kaleidoscope of colors through the jets in your Twilight Series spa to further enhance your relaxation experience, while the standard Orion Light SystemTM beautifully illuminates the cascading waterfall and topside controls. With a Twilight Series spa, you can live in the moment amid quality and tranquility.



A spa consultant is ready to help you evaluate models and options in the Twilight Series, and integrate it into your home.

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