What Will Your Dream Backyard Cost?

Because of the variables involved in determining the cost of a swimming pools, the best, easiest way to get an idea of how much your new backyard will cost is to request a free estimate. One of our amazing designers will contact you, talk to you briefly about what type of swimming pool and backyard you’d like to create, and provide you with an estimate. If you’re interested in getting a free estimate, fill out the form below or call 480.967.9467:

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Most of our customers work with our financing manager, Natalie, to help a new swimming pool fit into their budget. If you’d like more information, click here or call 480.222.6117

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General Pool Pricing Variables

1. size

…but you already knew that!

2. features

Spas, swim-up bars, tables, water fountains, slides, baja decks and other custom features are fun, beautiful, and can transform your backyard. Some of them can also be pricey.

3. materials

A Pebble Radiance interior finish will make your pool sparkle—it’s not free, though. The decking, tile, stone, and other materials you choose will all define your backyard’s look and price point.

4. backyard access

There is some serious equipment required to build a pool. The easier it is to access your backyard, the better.

5. soil

Certain backyards have soil that is so hard, special equipment is required to dig the hole for a pool.

7. Fluctuating costs

The markets for labor and raw materials required to build swimming pools fluctuate based on supply, demand, speculation, etc.

Pool Pricing Variables Between Builders

1. Quality of their design, engineering work, and labor

Quality designs, engineering, and construction take expertise and experience.

You should be able to trust your pool builder to work within your budget without cutting corners. Suspiciously cheap pools are expensive later.

2. Warranties

If a pool builder doesn’t stand by their work, they won’t mind selling it cheaply. Make sure their warranties protect your investment.

3. Hardware used

When comparing prices, make sure you take the quality of hardware into account. Cutting corners here can be very expensive.

4. Size

Tiny firms will sometimes be cheaper than larger ones.

A tiny “firm” may actually be one generalist, while larger firms employee experts for each phase. Designing, engineering, and construction all require different skillsets.

Tiny firms are also more likely to go bankrupt, leaving you with a hole in your backyard and thousands of dollars lost. We’ve had to help customers in that exact situation. It’s not fun.

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Questions? Let’s talk.

As you can see, there are plenty of variables that go into swimming pool pricing. Speaking with an expert is the best way to quickly get an idea of how much your dream backyard will cost. We offer free quotes to anyone interested in a Presidential Pool. To speak with one of our incredible designers, call 480-967-9467 or fill out the form below:

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