Want a Pool in 2017? Start Planning Soon

Do you remember how the temperature was routinely above 85° F in Phoenix last March? It would have been great to have a backyard pool during that time!

Those who are looking at getting a pool for this upcoming year should start exploring options now. After all, if you want a backyard getaway for 2017 pool season, why wouldn’t you want it for the start of the 2017 pool season?


The time between choosing to invest in a pool and beginning to build is longer than many people assume. You will first want to take careful consideration when working with our pool design professionals to customize every detail of your project. Then, getting a permit for building a pool can take at least a week. Once you have finalized your pool design and acquired a building permit, the 6-8 week construction begins. When construction is finished you can finally enter the water!


As we mentioned, the temperature is often into the 80’s in March. There were many warm days in February as well!  If you have your pool done early, you will be ready for whenever it gets hot outside. And as someone who lives in Phoenix, you know it will get hot often! Plus, having a pool done early gives you more time to understand exactly how it works before those maintenance-heavy summer months.