It costs $4,580* for a family of four to take a summer vacation. How about a Goodyear staycation instead?

It's not just the costs, either. It can seem like a full time job just planning a decent vacation. Booking tickets, hotels, stressed out kids, crying babies, security lines, worrying about the weather... these little things pile up to take the fun out of a vacation.

Might we suggest a staycation?

Save thousands of dollars on travel, eating out, hotels, resorts, and a hundred other costs that magically appear when we're travelling. Also, save hours of preparation, stress, and negotiating what the heck everyone wants to do. 

Yes, Goodyear is hot. It's terribly, terribly hot. But there are better ways to beat the heat than expensive, exhausting vacations. 

You Don't Have to Run From the Heat!

The best way to stay cool in an Arizona summer isn't to run from the heat, it's to tackle it head-on! Building a pool is the best way to beat this sweltering summer heat.

Why spend thousands of dollars and days of preparation for just a few days away from the heat when you can have a pool in your backyard that can keep your family cool for years and years?

You'd be amazed at how affordable it is to transform your backyard as well, especially if you talk with our financing director, Natalie. 

The Top 5 Reasons To Build A Staycation-Worthy Backyard in Goodyear:

  1. It's cheaper in the long run. You can probably pay off your pool in a few years just by skipping summer family vacations. Also, a pool adds significant value to your home. 
  2. It's there whenever you need it. A vacation lasts a few days, a pool is a permanent gift to your family. They'll be grateful to you every time they jump in to beat the heat!
  3. No hassle with planning. Don't worry about the stressful logistics that come with fleeing the heat with your family.
  4. It creates healthy habits. A pool is a great way to keep your family active during the summer months. Instead of gaining vacation-weight, you'll actually have healthy habits during your staycation! 
  5. Spend more time with more of your favorite people. You can only take a few people with you on vacation, why not spend quality time with more folks you love? Whether it's family get-togethers or neighborhood BBQ's, there's no better way to gather your favorite people during the hot summer months!

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*The $4,580 is an average, according to American Express.

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